Source code for tupa.action

from .config import Config, COMPOUND
from .labels import Labels

[docs]class Action(dict): type_to_id = {} def __init__(self, action_type, tag=None, orig_edge=None, orig_node=None, oracle=None, id_=None): self.type = action_type # String self.tag = tag # Usually the tag of the created edge; but if COMPOUND_SWAP, the distance self.orig_node = orig_node # Node created by this action, if any (during training) self.orig_edge = orig_edge # Edge created by this action, if any (during training) self.node = None # Will be set by State when the node created by this action is known self.edge = None # Will be set by State when the edge created by this action is known = oracle # Reference to oracle, to inform it of actually created nodes/edges self.index = None # Index of this action in history self.type_id = Action.type_to_id.get(self.type) # Allocate ID for fast comparison if self.type_id is None: self.type_id = len(Action.type_to_id) Action.type_to_id[self.type] = self.type_id = id_ super().__init__(action_type=self.type, tag=self.tag)
[docs] def is_type(self, *others): return self.type_id in (o.type_id for o in others)
[docs] def apply(self): if is not None:, self.orig_node)
def __repr__(self): return Action.__name__ + "(" + ", ".join(map(str, filter(None, (self.type, self.tag)))) + ")" def __str__(self): s = self.type if self.tag: s += "-%s" % self.tag return s def __eq__(self, other): return == def __hash__(self): return hash(
[docs] def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): return Action(self.type, *args, **kwargs)
@property def remote(self): return self.is_type(Actions.RemoteNode, Actions.LeftRemote, Actions.RightRemote) @property def is_swap(self): return self.is_type(Actions.Swap)
[docs]class Actions(Labels): Shift = Action("SHIFT") Node = Action("NODE") RemoteNode = Action("REMOTE-NODE") Implicit = Action("IMPLICIT") Label = Action("LABEL") Reduce = Action("REDUCE") LeftEdge = Action("LEFT-EDGE") RightEdge = Action("RIGHT-EDGE") LeftRemote = Action("LEFT-REMOTE") RightRemote = Action("RIGHT-REMOTE") Swap = Action("SWAP") Finish = Action("FINISH") def __init__(self, actions=None, size=None): super().__init__(size=size) self._all = None self._ids = None if actions is not None: self.all = actions
[docs] def init(self): # edge and node action will be created as they are returned by the oracle args = Config().args self.all = [Actions.Reduce, Actions.Shift, Actions.Finish] + \ (list(map(Actions.Swap, range(1, args.max_swap))) if args.swap == COMPOUND else [Actions.Swap] if args.swap else [])
@property def all(self): if self._all is None: self.init() return self._all @all.setter def all(self, actions): self._all = [Action(**a) if isinstance(a, dict) else a for a in actions] self._ids = {(action.type_id, action.tag): i for i, action in enumerate(self._all)} for action in self._all: self.generate_id(action) @property def ids(self): if self._all is None: self.init() return self._ids
[docs] def generate_id(self, action, create=True): if is None: key = (action.type_id, action.tag) = self.ids.get(key) if create and is None: # New action, add to list # noinspection PyTypeChecker = len(self.all) self.all.append(action(tag=action.tag, self.ids[key] =